Dragon Kwan Long Fighting Staff/Kwan Dao

This is a Dragon Kwan Long Fighting Staff - or Naginata Sword. It is a full 5 feet long overall; the 19" blade itself is VERY sharp and made from stainless steel with a blood groove. The blade screws into the shaft for easy storage or transporation. The hardwood shaft has steel at both ends (where it screws as well as the end of the shaft) for strength and durability. The scabbard is hardwood and has carved Dragons on both sides.

This is a GREAT Fighting staff like we used to see on "Kung Fu" and similar Martial Arts movies. It is nicely balanced for smooth movement. I fitted mined with a tassel on the end: the intent is to spin the Staff and the spinning tassel deceives your oponant as to you true target. There are other Staffs out there - some for less - but this is easily the best I've owned for the money, which is why I'm offering it here for you.
This is a stainless steel Kwan Dao, a unique weapon used by The God of War called Guan Gong.
The decoration is zinc alloy
The whole length: appr. 195cm
The dimater of the pole: 3.2cm
The blade thick: 4mm
Overall; weight: 4.5kg

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